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KID CUSHION, like any engineered wood fiber will self compact approximately 25% - a fact that needs to be taken into consideration during installation. The ASTM standards and certifications are based upon the proper depths of material based upon the heights of the playground equipment. Applications or the presence of less than those adequate depths of safety surface will negate the validity of the ASTM certifications.

KID CUSHION is a superior playground surface material made from 100% recycled hardwoods from shredded pallets. All metals are removed with powerful magnets in our operation, as well as the fine dust being extracted with a filtration system producing a very clean, very uniformly sized product. Being a dry wood fiber, the general volume of KID CUSHION will also last much longer than other wood chips or double shredded bark mulches that are more organically green. Properly installed with adequate depth and drainage, most play areas will need only a partial refreshing application rather than total replacement after approximately 3 years of service. Quite simply, KID CUSHION is a proven product that meets all safety requirements with the added benefit of being very environmentally responsible.

Our goal is to produce the highest quality playground safety surface material available. Our children deserve nothing less. Please contact us for pricing and other information. VISA, Master Card and American Express is now accepted. Thank you for considering
KID CUSHION as the safety surface in your play area.

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